Gypsy Hill Dips & Rubs
2013 Labrador Ln Vienna, Virginia 22182
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All About That Flavor!

Just as our name implies at Gypsy Hill Dips & Rubs, we bring you heat, spice and all varieties of flavor with our savory culinary creations. We're all about bringing out the natural richness of meats and cuisines with our rubs and seasonings which are all made with top-secret, fresh ingredients. All of our items are hand produced!

Our rubs can be applied to ribs, burgers and even fish! But that's far from all we carry. You're mouth will water for our decadent cheese spreads that perfect any surface along with fruit dips and unique popcorn seasonings! Every product is hand produced and in limited quantities to assure that our spices are fresh and our flavors remain intense.

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What We Offer


Rubs don't just add flavor to meat they enhance it. And at Gypsy Hill we have every rub variety you could ever want! From smoky pork rubs to savory chicken and lamb rubs, we have it all!


What's cooking without seasonings? Get your flavor fix with our amazing seasonings inspired by all your culinary favorites. Our varieties include fish seasonings and even popcorn seasonings!


Dips aren't just meant to be appetizers; when they're this good, they can be the main course! Our dip mixes range from creamy bacon and onion, avocado ranch and heavenly asparagus dip!

Soup Mixes

Nothing soothes the soul like a good bowl of soup, especially our varieties! Our single serve soups house all the savory favorites you could want. Best of all? They are ready-made!


Who doesn't love a good cheese spread? We know we do! Great for crackers, breads or just to enjoy, our cheese spreads are sure to be a hit in your home!


At Gypsy Hill Dips & Rubs, we want everyone to enjoy our gourmet flavors which is why we offer a line of diabetic-friendly rubs that are packed with flavor minus the sugar!


Mix it up with some spice!